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OMM Title: Winter Soldier vs Battle Suit Jill by Pepper527 OMM Title: Winter Soldier vs Battle Suit Jill :iconpepper527:Pepper527 2 13
Leon S. Kennedy will never forget Death Battle....

( Leon Scott Kennedy wallpaper by :iconFadeless-Nightmare: )

Leon Scott Kennedy
Age: 36 (as of Resident Evil 6)
DOB: 1977 (day and month classified)
Nationality: United States
Height: 5’10 (1.7m)
Weight: 155lb. (70.2kg.)
Occupation: Police Officer; US Government Agent; Counter-bioterrorist
Affiliation: RPD (formerly); US Gov’t (formerly); DSO (currently)
Theme Song: 
Leon's Memoirs:
My name is Leon Scott Kennedy. 
If you're reading this, you're either an old friend who's worried about me, or an assassin who's been sent out to kill me. Whatever the case, what you're about to read is a glimpse into the bizarre, horrid, and nightmarish experiences that I've had for the past fifteen years. 
It all started on the night of September 30, 1998. It was to be my first--and on
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 15 0
Tanya the Evil will bring war to Death Battle!!!

Tanya von Degurechaff:
Alias/Nickname: Tanya the Evil; Devil of the Rhine
Age: 10 (since reincarnation)
DOB: 1913 (alternate calendar)
Nationality: The Fatherland
Appx 3'5ft
Weight: Appx 100lbs
Occupation: Imperial Soldier
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Affiliation: Imperial Army 203rd Air Mage Battalion
Theme Song:

Tanya's Journal:

My name is Tanya Degurechaff.
Or at least, that's what I'm called now in this world. In my current life, I'm a ten-year-old girl who somehow became a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Army. But in my old life, I was a full grown salaryman working for a large Japanese corporation. One typical day, I found an employee who failed to show up to work several times and fired him immediately. Hours later, that cowardly bastard found me in a metro and pushed me in front of a train!
In the moment before my death, everything froze and I heard a strange voice
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 32 34
Death Battle Title: Seras vs Tanya by Pepper527 Death Battle Title: Seras vs Tanya :iconpepper527:Pepper527 7 9
Wei Shen Infiltrates the DEATH BATTLE Triad!!!

Wei Shen:
Alias: Serpant
Year of Birth: 1984
Age: 28
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Race/Nationality: Hong Kong Chinese-American
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: Detective
Affiliation: Hong Kong Police Dept.; Sun on Yee Triad (Undercover)
Theme Song:

HKPD Psychological Profile; Officer Wei Shen:

The following is an overview of Officer Wei Shen's psychological history prior to his employment to the Hong Kong Police Department:
In the months following his employment, Shen has displayed frequent acts of insubordination, continued reckless behavior (especially when driving), and multiple acts of extreme violence against members of the Sun on Yee. His most notable outbursts are against Superintendent Thomas Pendrew and Detective Raymond Mak.
According to his reports, it is likely that this behavior stems from his turbulent childhood and family history. Officer Shen was born in Hong Kong in 1984 to hi
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 11 22
OMM (Black Widow vs Ada Wong) (Title Screen) by Pepper527 OMM (Black Widow vs Ada Wong) (Title Screen) :iconpepper527:Pepper527 1 0
One Minute Melee: Black Widow vs Ada Wong
(OMM Template provided by Water-Frez)

One Minute Melee!
Where all the fights are settled in just a few chapters!
No rules!
No research!
Sixty (or more) seconds!
(YoungSamurai18's avatar Hiro, will serve as the guest host in the pre-fight skit.)
Knight (Player 1): (Grabs controller)  Hey, Hiro. Did you happen to see Captain America: Civil War by any chance?
Hiro: No, but most people have been telling me it's really good. Kinda wish I did.
Knight: It was a Hell of a blast to watch! You should definately check it out when you have the chance! But anyway, I only asked beca
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 12 27
DB Host Let's Play: 007 Knightfire (Paris Prelude)
This is a fun little side project I've been dreaming up.
Basically, it's a "semi-walkthrough" of the hit 2003 first-person shooter 007: Nightfire, by EA.
The fic will feature jokes and commentary by my Death Battle Hosts Louis LeVainquer (Knight), Edward Elvis (Mage)Emily (Sage), and a new character named Lily (Thief).
There will also be character dialogue, cutscenes, and gameplay from the game itself.
Anyone can add their hosts or original characters in, if they wish. But you need to contact me before doing so.
The idea was inspired by lakero45's fic Grand Theft
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 1 4
Top Ten Worst Ways to Die in Video Games (5-1)
Click here to see entries 10 through 6 if you haven't already.
Welcome back to Pepper527's Top Ten Worst Ways to Die in Video Games!
Now, we're finally going to cover the five most horrendous entries in this death-filled list!
Which one will end up being Number One? Let's find out!
Number 5: Crushed by a Giant Battle Robot
(Titanfall 1 & 2)

In an age where First-Person Shooter games feel like a programmer just copying and pasting the Call of Duty engine and slapping a new name on it, it felt high time to add something new to the genre. Released in 2014 for the Xbox One, Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall stomped onto the new Microsoft console and introduced something awesome and terrifying to the FPS world: GIANT MO
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 4 15
Death Battle Title: Rogue One vs Inferno Squad by Pepper527 Death Battle Title: Rogue One vs Inferno Squad :iconpepper527:Pepper527 2 6
Squadron Showdown Team: Resident Evil

Squad Name: BSAA


Jill Valentine:
* Class: Officer
* Weapons:
** Primary:
SIG SG 556 Assault Rifle
Benelli M3 Super 90
** Secondary:
*** Beretta 92FS Pistol
*** Samurai Edge Pistol
*** Frag Grenade
*** Incendiary Grenade

Claire Redfield:
* Class: Assault
* Weapons:
** Primary:
*** Calico Model 100P
*** AKM
** Secondary:
*** Browning Hi-Power
*** Ingram MAC-11
*** M79 Grenade Launcher

Ada Wong:
* Class: Assassin
* Weapons:
** Primary:
*** Crossbow
*** Heckler & Koch SL8
*** SIG Sauer SSG 3000 Sniper Rifle
** Secondary:
*** Steyr TMP Submachine Gun
*** Punisher FN Pistol
*** Stun Grenades

Sheva Alomar:
* Class: Brawler
* Weapons:
** Primary:
*** Benelli M3 Shotgun
*** AK-74 Assault Rifle
*** Skorpion VZ61 Submachine Gun
** Secondary:
*** Smith & Wesson M29
*** Frag Gr
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 3 26
Squadron Showdown Outline
Update: After some brainstorming, I was able to come up with a somewhat catchy title for this project.
Anyhoo, this is just an idea I came up with the past night or so.
I've played a lot of class-based shooters in my life, most notably Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, the old Star Wars: Battlefront games, and Battlefield 1.
Basically, this is an idea for a squad-based team shooter with five classes, and five characters to fit the roles of each class.
The five classes presented are as follows: Officer; Assault; Assassin; Brawler; Support.
I thought of a hypothetical battle between five women from Resident Evil and five from Black Lagoon who I thought would be perfect for each class.
Before I show the characters, I want to show what I think what each class specializes in, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.
(Note: Keep in mind that I'm not a game designer, and these classes are very rough, basic descriptions of what each class is meant for.
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 3 0
Claire Redfield Rescues Death Battle!!!

Claire Redfield:
Age: 32 (as of 2011)
Day of Birth: circa 1979
Place of Birth: USA
Race/Nationality: Caucasian (American)
Height: 5'6 (1.69m.)
Weight: 116lb (52.4kg.)
Occupation: Survivor; Human rights activist; Counter-terrorist
Affiliation: TerraSave
Theme Song:

The younger sister of Chris Redfield, this fiery young woman is a born survivor just like her brother. As children, Chris and Claire witnessed their parents lose their lives in a horrendous car accident, forcing Chris to raise his little sister by himself. In their late teens, Chris joined the US Air Force while Claire went to college, where she grew a fascination for motorcycles. When Chris returned from his brief military service, he taught Claire everything he learned, hoping that she could one day defend herself if she's ever threatened. Chris left his sister again when he found a new career in Raccoon City as a member of STARS. Little
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 20 12
The Separatist Droid Army Invades Death Battle!!!

(Separatist Logo done by :iconswmand4:)

The Confederacy of Independant Systems:
AKA: Separatist Alliance; Separatist Droid Army; "Seps"; "Clankers"; "Tinnies"
Founder(s): Count Dooku; General Grievous; Darth Sidious (secretly)
Year Founded: 24 BBY
Capital: Raxulon, Raxus Prime
Function: Anti-Republic confederacy
Conflict Served: The Clone Wars (22-19 BBY)
Disbanded: 19 BBY (Order 66/Mission to Mustafar)
Theme Song:

Manifesto of the Confederacy of Independent Systems:
For a thousand years, the Galactic Republic has been a force for democracy, equality, and justice throughout the Galaxy. But over the centuries, the multitude of senators and ambassadors from many different worlds have succumbed to selfish greed, petty squabbling, and incompetent ruling. Centuries of corruption and hypocrisy have rendered the Republic useless and obsolete
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 18 50
Shanoa Vanquishes Death Battle's Horrible Night!

Alias: The Morning Sun
Day of Birth: Presumably between late 18th to 19th century
Age: 20 (as of Order of Ecclesia)
Birthplace: Eastern Europe
Race/Nationality: Romanian (presumably)
Height:  N/A
Weight: N/A
Affiliation: The Order of Ecclesia (Disbanded)
Theme Song:

Short Bio:

Since the 15th Century, the proud continent of Europe was threatened time and time again by the evil vampire lord Dracula. Every time Dracula attempted to annihilate the continent, he would be thwarted by a brave member of the infamous Belmont Clan, whose family duty was to protect humanity from the mad vampire. However, by the turn of the 19th Century, the Belmont Clan mysteriously vanished from history, leaving no one to stand against Lord Dracula.
In the Belmonts' place rose a number of church-backed organizations, each with the agenda
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 19 26
Major Kusanagi Hacks into Death Battle!

(Note: All information about the following character is adopted from UndeadPriest's Death Battle Analysis.)
Mjr. Motoko Kusanagi:
* Age: 31
* Day of Birth: Unknown (circa World War III)
* Place of Birth: Japan
* Race/Nationality: Japanese (Human cyborg)
* Height: 5'6 (1.68m.)
* Weight: 300lbs. (136kg.)
* Occupation: Soldier; Counter-terrorist; Section 9 Officer; Investigator; Hacker
* Rank: Major
* Affiliation: Public Security Section 9
* Theme Song: 

Short Bio:

As a child, Motoko Kusanagi was the victim of a devastating plane crash that nearly destroyed her entire body. Though medical science was able to save her, Motoko's body was damaged beyond repair, and she appeared doomed to being paralyzed for life. When hope seemed lost, the doctors presented Motoko with an exciting alternativ
:iconpepper527:Pepper527 35 45


Mature content
Death Battle! When Yanderes Cry! :iconstrunton:Strunton 19 9
We Were Made For Each Other :) by Candy-DanteL We Were Made For Each Other :) :iconcandy-dantel:Candy-DanteL 86 5 Full body by ragecndy Full body :iconragecndy:ragecndy 177 4
Wildlife Waifus! - VALENTINE'S BATTLE! - The Fight

: Hey guys! Guess what? Today's February 14! And you all know what that means!
: Valentine's Day is here! And guess what; I have no date! HAHAHAHAHA!
: *comforts Eden* There there, Eden. You'll get a boyfriend soon. Anyways, care to hang out with your ol' bro after this? I mean, I'm obviously not your dream date, but it's better than nothin', that I can guarantee!
: *wipes away tears* REALLLY!? *glomps Apex* Oh my GOSHHHH!!! I love you SOOOO much Apex!
: *scratches the back of his head* Hehe, love ya too sis! Anyways... Our waifus are set! Their powers, abilities, and feats have all been taken into consideration!
: *recomposes herself, and is practically back to normal and not drunk anymore* That's right, everyone! It's time for a VALE
:iconapexutopia:ApexUtopia 20 19
Time To Say Goodbye - PRELUDE

Soul: You know... Parting is such sweet sorrow...
Sun: And you know the saddest way to part? Watching said person you care about get murdered in front of your own eyes! It hurts even more if there were a badass as well.
Soul: Mami Tomoe, the gun slinging Puella Magi who got ahead of themselves.
Sun: And Pyrrha Nikos, Beacon's Invincible Girl who burned out. Welcome to the Battle Bulb! I'm one of your hosts Sun, here to see the action!
Soul: And I'm your other host Soul, here to present the facts to provide my opinion on who would win, a fight, in the Battle Bulb!
Mami Tomoe Bio made by me!

-Name: Mami Tomoe
-Age: 15-17 (Estimated)
-Height: 156-159 cm
-Occupation: Student, Puella Magi, Witch Hunter

Powers And Abilities
Soul Gem:
-Is Mami herself with her body being only a mode of transport
-Allows her to transform
-Because the body
:iconriolucraft-ftw:RioluCraft-FTW 7 4
It's Just Monika in DEATH BATTLE
AKA: Cosmic Girl, lilmonix3

Occupation: President of the Literature Club

Likes: Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri, The player, Writing poems, Playing piano

Theme Song:

- Became president of the Literature Club
- Assisted or at the very least knew about Sayori's suicide, hinted when she said "You kind of left her hanging this morning, you know?"
- Reset the game after Sayori's suicide
- Deleted Natsuki and Yuri, and created a world for only her and the player
- Got her own Twitter somehow, and posted stuff on it (she still does post on it)
- Brought everyone back, and kept herself out of the game
- Even after being deleted, she was able to delete Sayori when she grew evil with power


- Potentially overpowered and hanged Sayori (Sayori's hanged body had bleeding hands, hinting that she
:iconmaxfunnies2550:MaxFunnies2550 17 22
DB ISA vs Resistance by userup DB ISA vs Resistance :iconuserup:userup 3 1
Death Battle: Superman Vs Asura - Part 2

Asura erupts in furious anger. Landing on Earth, he attacks and lays waste to their heroes. But a new challenger, known as the “Superman”, appears before him. Even Asura struggles against this powerful man’s strength. Now, the two prepare to continue their fight on the Earth’s moon.
Not even the Gods know the outcome of this great battle…
Setting - Earth’s Moon

A ball of Mantra energy formed in Asura’s hand as he lunged at the perfectly still Superman. Asura proceeded to surround that energy around the entirety of his fist, then slamming it directly across Kal-El’s face.
The result? Superman stood his ground, almost seemingly unfazed.
“Let me guess. Was that supposed to feel like fifteen suns exploding in my f
:iconmanalmostwithoutfear:ManAlmostWithoutFear 23 17
Aizen vs Yukari Prelude 2 - WipeAway your Delusion
Yukari Yakumo


Age: 17 years old (according to fandom), over 1200
Titles: Mastermind Behind the Spiriting Away, Border of Phantasm, Yokai that lurks in the boundary, Yokai of boundaries, Uncanny Smile, Phantasmal Wedding of the Kitsune / Sunshower of Fantasy, Yokai of Coming In & Out Suddenly, Elusive and Two-Faced Youkai
Inspired by Lucian Hearn, may also be Maribel Hearn
Likely caused the events of Dolls in Psuedo-Paradise
Nine: “Gensokyo. A beautiful world of fantasy, sealed off around the 1880s, it resembles an era of Japan never left. Its many sages created this world as a safe haven for Youkai. And one of these sages - is Yukari Yakumo.”
Hakuboshi: “Her origins a complete mystery - but linked somehow to a girl in the future, Yukari is always behind the scenes, making sure the Hakurei Shrine Maiden is well and sleeping. Mostly sleeping.”
Nine: “Like a certain lazy friend of mine.”
Hakuboshi: “
:iconhakuxtemari:hakuxtemari 6 1
Aizen vs Yukari Prelude 1 - Shatter Your Fantasy
Hakuboshi: "To control the boundaries of anything. Be it Godhood, humanity, the supernatural, or life. Fantasy has its ways of discussing these, paradoxes, and create those who can embody these and more."
Wendy: "All through the art of trolling! Like Sosuke Aizen, the former Captain of Squad 5."
Hakuboshi: "And Yukari Yakumo, the Youkai Sage, shes Wendy and I'm Hakuboshi."
Wendy: "And welcome, to DEATH BATTLE!"
Sosuke Aizen


6’1 (185 cm)
163 lbs. (73 kg)
Former Captain of Squad 5 and teacher
Skilled in every field of training of the Soul Reaper combat arts
Researcher, unable to complete the Hogyoku he was constructing but took the completed one from Rukia Kuchiki when it was placed in by Kisuke Urahara
Hakuboshi: “The Soul Society, the afterlife where all souls go upon purification by a zanpakuto. Each soul there was either once a human or Hollow, some born. In this world, the balance of souls is maintained through the Soul King.”
:iconhakuxtemari:hakuxtemari 6 4
When Yanderes Cry Prelude!

Bolt: Growing up, you probably thought all girls were cute and cuddly or disgusting and had cooties, but then you learned not everyone is sane in the head, especially when they'll do whatever it takes to impress their senpai, even murder.
Rush: Shion Sonozaki, Hinamizawa's murdering psychopath.
Bolt: And Yuno Gasai, Yuki's deranged stalker. He's Rush and I'm Bolt.
Rush: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Shion Sonozaki
AKA: "Sonozaki Mion", Shmion
Age: 17; 40 (Yoigoshi-hen)
Birth Day: July 10, 1966
First Appearance: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni 

-Escaped from the St. Lucia Academy by herself.
-Tortured the chief of her village.
-Used her surrounding to gain the upper hand against Rika.
-Drove Rika to committing suicide.
:iconstrunton:Strunton 10 10
Seras Victoria digs cannons in DEATH BATTLE
Seras Victoria
Age: 19, 49 post timeskip
Species: True Vampire
-Shot and killed a vampire from hundreds of feet away
-Shot down one of Millennium's zeppelins
-Killed dozens of Millennium's vampires with her bare hands, including First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz
-Alexander Anderson realized she was so dangerous that the rest of Iscariot would die if they tried fighting her
-Killed The Captain, the strongest soldier in Millenium
-Alucard admits she's cute (this counts as a feat because he rarely says anything nice)
-Her presence was enough to discourage Iscariot from invading a weaken England

-Killed bullet proof ghouls and vampires with her bare hands before even becoming a full-fledged vampire
-Easily handled the recoil of the massive Harkonnen
-Ripped through steel and tossed a giant bomb (
-Picked up and used a 88 millimeter flak gun, which weighs about 4.4 tons (
-Smashed apart the Ca
:icongoddragonking:GodDragonKing 27 14
DEATH BATTLE: Turnabout Hope - Part 1/3

(these two were made by :iconStrunton:

"Hey, be careful with that, it's sharp."
"I'll be fine... nothing to worry about."
"Th-this is bad! Really bad!"
"Could I? But that would be-"
"I shouldn't be doing this, this isn't right!"
"But they can't know what I've done."
"All done. Wh-why did this have to happen again?"

"The most awful, most tragic event in human history.
Simply called, The Tragedy.
It claimed... many... many lives.
Death, Despair and riots spread across the world like wildfire and no one could stop it.
There was no reason behind the war, it was just war.
Courts, the police and government were all completely dest
:iconcinzero-fall2112:CinZero-Fall2112 16 6
Wildlife Waifus! - VALENTINE'S BATTLE! - Prelude

: Ah, it's only a few weeks away till Valentine's Day! The day where love abounds! And where love is, there's always waifus!
: ... Oh, if you are wondering if we skipped over Mind Over Matter for this episode, well not really. This is more like a special, off-season fight. Don't worry, Part 2 of Mewtwo VS SpaceGodzilla will be released soon.
: Yeah, we just wanna make sure this one comes out just in time for Valentine's Day! And since Valentine's Day is all about love and sweethearts, we're gonna have some lovely waifus duke it out!
: *mumbles softly* Not like you'll ever ask me out... They should just call February 14 "Single Awareness Day"...
: And to make things even more lovely, these two waifus are of the wild side! Everyone appreciates a wild waifu, eh? Beside
:iconapexutopia:ApexUtopia 16 14
Miss Martian Reads DEATH BATTLE's Mind!

First Appearance: 

Teen Titans Vol 3 #37 (August, 2006)
Species: White Martian 
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Mars
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Red
Occupations: Adventurer, Hero.
Aliases: Megan Morse · M'Gann M'Orzz (alternate spelling), Martian Girlhunter, Martian ManhunterStar-Spangled Kid.
Misc. Info
-M'gann M'orzz is the niece of Martian M
:iconbangjang96:BangJang96 23 7
Vergil needs more power in Death Battle!
Name: Vergil
Aliases: The Dark Slayer, The Son of Sparda, Nelo/Nero Angelo, Gilver, The Dark Angel, Masked Man
Origin: Devil May Cry
Age: 19 in DMC3, likely in his 20's by DMC1
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Demon Hybrid
Height: 180 cm (5'10.86")
Weight: 88.677236 kg (195.5 lbs.; estimated)
Occupation: Terrorist/Freedom Fighter (formerly; DmC only), Demon King (currently; DmC only)
Son of Sparda and Eva
Twin brother of Dante and father of Nero
Orphaned at a young age by demons
Founder and ex-leader of The Order
Likes chocolate
Dislikes alchohol
- Mastered his Devil Trigger long before Dante did.
- Broke free of a demonic illusion that drives normal people insane.
- Easily defeats and kills entire hordes of demons.
- Defeated Dante, Beowulf, Hollow Vergil, and Wolverine.
- Alongside Dante, defeated Arkham (who had absorbed Sparda's power) and Mundus.
- Helped in defeating Gala
:iconvh1660924:vh1660924 22 4



342 deviations
OMM Title: Winter Soldier vs Battle Suit Jill
Two fallen heroes, both captured by their most hated enemies and brainwashed into serving them.

They each became agents of evil--not by choice, but by forced mental reconditioning. Their memories have been suppressed to the point that they cannot remember their names, their loved ones, or their moral codes. They are completely enslaved to evil.

James Buchanan Barnes, Captain America's dearest friend turned Hydra's Winter Soldier.

Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield's beloved partner turned Wesker's bodyguard.

When these two fallen heroes go head-to-head, will both of these fallen heroes give in to their programming, or is there still hope that one of them will break free?

(Winter Soldier fanart done by :iconerlanarya:)

(Battle Suit Jill fanart done by :iconlordhayabusa357:)
98 deviations
Hey, everyone!

To celebrate the end of 2017 and the dawn of a new year, I decided to hold a sale of some DB and OMM ideas I had! I might make some more in the future, but for now, pick the ones you want and let me know in the comments!

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527

Kirito (Sword Art Online) vs Haseo (.hack//GU)

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
"One Hell of a Pilot"
Poe Dameron (Star Wars) vs Clyde Blackburn (Battlefield 1)

(Claimed by :iconletotalmemer: )

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
Ass Kickers and Lady Killers
Duke Nukem vs 007

(Claimed by :iconyoungsamurai18: )

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
Sexy, Sinister Spies
Ada Wong (Resident Evil) vs Xenia Onatopp (007 Goldeneye)

(Claimed by :iconyoungsamurai18: )

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
Battle of the Tomb Raiders
Sheva Alomar (RE5) vs Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) vs Chloe Frazer (Uncharted)

(Claimed by :iconpaulachu: )

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
Cats vs Dogs
Blake Belladonna (RWBY) vs Inuyasha

(Claimed by :iconyoungsamurai18: as an OMM)

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
Super Robot Wars
Jehuty (Zone of the Enders) vs MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
Through Mud, Blood, and Fury
Black Bess (Battlefield 1) vs Fury

Untitled Drawing by Pepper527
"I can be a hero, too!"
Roll Caskett (Megaman Legends) vs Team Rocket (Pokemon)


Pepper527's Profile Picture
Kyan Reynolds
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm just an average gamer who took an interest in making art online. I'm not terribly great at drawing things, but I'm an excellent writer and am great at making Miis! I decided to put both to use on this deviantArt account and see how people respond to it. By all means, tell me how you feel about my work; let me know both about my strengths as well as my weaknesses, but please do so in a constructive, civil manner (FLAME COMMENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!)


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